The Interchange Brokerage Company

The Interchange Brokerage Company, a Highly Specialized Consulting Firm, continues its explosive growth with its new and innovative approach to the merchant services arena never before seen in the industry! While our competitors continue to beat each other up for decreasing margins, and take a burn and churn approach to the industry - only looking for equipment leases or playing the rate game - we are rapidly changing the way business is done in this trillion dollar industry. We are the first to market with an innovative business model and customer acquisition strategy that is so different and exclusive, we are literally changing the status quo all while saving clients millions of dollars every month with very minimal work! We provide our clients with "Fortune 500" caliber talent for ZERO capital outlay.

This is a ground floor sales opportunity with a game-changing product in an industry that has milked itself dry of any truly unique model in decades. Our business plan will impress you with its genius, your dream sales career will become reality, and you will be the envy of your competitors!

Your Sales Career Empowered by You

IBC continues to expand into new markets to keep pace with market demand. We have the finest, most professional, and productive sales organization along with the most explosive and innovative product ever seen in this industry before. IBC can change your sales career by showing business owners savings without change or effort!

IBC seeks the best Sales Professionals for select markets throughout the nation. We need extremely polished sales professionals to strategically develop and grow our client base within the hospitality, retail, auto, b2b, property management, wholesale, health, and services industries.

Ideal candidates possess the following characteristics: Considered by many to be industry experts and the best of the best A large sphere of influence within your niche market you sell to now A proven track record of growing a new territory. Entrepreneur minded!

Processors and Banks have a financial incentive not to help you.

Fortune 500 companies know this and pay experts $200,000+ to manage the gap.

A Note for Sales Professionals
from CEO, David A. Toney

Interchange Brokerage Company and You - A Winning Partnership

We are rapidy growing and revolutionizing this industry and we want you to join us!

The Interchange Brokerage Company is a highly specialized consulting firm, founded for the express purpose of reducing the core processing costs for our merchant clients.

Working with our clients processor not competing against them, we achieve great savings without change or effort for our merchant clients.

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